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Admissions Instructions

Commonwealth Cats will strive to make the admissions process as efficient as possible. While we aim to move quickly, we must take the time necessary to insure that all of the cats and cages are properly identified. Please help the admissions volunteers by filling out the Release of Responsibility Form completely.

The following rules and instructions are set to insure a safe surgery for each cat, a safe environment for clinic staff and that our clinic meets the legal requirements for the state of Massachusetts. If you have questions regarding any of these instructions please contact us at

Before the Clinic

  • Cats must meet the requirements of our Qualified Cat Protocol.
  • Cats will be admitted into the clinic by appointment only.
  • Please bring each cat in a wire trap or transfer cage. Cats in plastic airline-style carriers or cardboard carriers cannot be accepted because they do not give the anesthesia technician sufficient access to safely anesthetize the cat.
  • Please ensure that there is nothing in the trap with the cat before arriving at the clinic (no paper, bowls, carpet). Each cat is anesthetized through the wire rungs of the trap; having extra items inside the trap can cause obstruction to administering safe anesthesia.
  • Please bring only one cat in each trap or transfer cage.
  • Please cover each cat’s trap completely with a towel, sheet or blanket. This will help to keep the cat calm, which helps the cat respond more readily to anesthesia.
  • Please label each trap with the caretaker’s name and phone number. This will help to insure that the cats you brought are returned to you in the proper trap. The label must be able to withstand washing (the traps are washed prior to return).
  • Please secure all trap or cage doors (using twist ties, Velcro straps, etc.); some trap and cage doors are designed to open when they are knocked over (which can happen with an agitated cat).
  • Please complete the Release of Responsibility Form with the contact information and signature of the person taking custody of the cat. The Rabies certificate will be made out to this person. If a cat has a wound of unknown origin, this person’s contact information will be reported to the Animal Inspector.

During the Clinic

  • Traps must NOT be opened on the clinic premises for any reason. An escaped animal, accidental bite or scratch resulting from such an incident puts the clinic staff, the public, our program and the cat at risk.
  • Please alert the admissions volunteer about any known medical conditions of the cat, so that this can be brought to the attention of the Medical Director.
  • Caretakers and trappers should plan to leave the clinic premises after they have dropped off the cats. If you would like to volunteer to help at a clinic, please contact Commonwealth Cats to sign up in advance.
  • Please have your cell phone on, or be reachable by phone while your cats are at the clinic. Each cat is under anesthesia for only a short period of time; if we need to make a decision regarding the care of the cat during this time we will need an immediate way to contact you.
  • Please return to the clinic promptly to pick up the cats at the time instructed by the admissions volunteer. The admission volunteer may ask the caretaker to call the clinic at a certain time to check on the progress of the cat and find out when it will be ready for discharge. Please be considerate and be on time; our volunteers have put in a long day caring for the cats and we don’t want to have them stay any later than is necessary.

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