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Sick Cat and Euthanasia Protocol

Euthanasia is viewed to be the last possible solution for a cat admitted to the Commonwealth Cats, Inc. Spay, Neuter and Vaccination Clinic.

  1. A cat that appears ill or in questionable health will be assessed by a veterinarian and the clinic coordinator or director for admission to the clinic. Before any steps are taken with a questionable cat, we will make efforts to notify the caretaker or trapper.
  2. If the cat is diagnosed with a URI or to be too ill for surgery, it will be transferred to the caretaker or trapper for further treatment. Caretakers and trappers will be notified at the end of the day at pick-up time about these cats.
  3. If a cat is determined to be in severe pain, unable to thrive in the colony, or beyond care, he/she will be euthanized. We will do what we feel is in the best interest of the cat.
  4. If you think a cat from your colony may be euthanized at the clinic, please bring him/her into a veterinary hospital for further assessment prior to the clinic.

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