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Extra Surgery and Care Policy

Joe performs another surgeryThe mission of Commonwealth Cats, Inc. is to deliver humane sterilization and vaccination services for the health and population control of feral cats in Massachusetts. It is common for feral cats to harbor a variety of minor or serious medical problems. While humane intentions mandate that these conditions receive appropriate veterinary attention, it is not always possible to provide it within the limitations of our outpatient program.

The clinic veterinarian and clinical team will consider the following issues in determining the appropriateness of additional surgery:

  • Does the condition interfere with the quality of life of the cat?
  • Does the clinic have the appropriate drugs, anesthetics, materials, instruments and expertise to perform the procedure properly?
  • Will appropriate post-operative care be provided?
  • Will the condition or its treatment interfere with the cat’s well-being after release?

Generally, if the condition is correctable with the resources we have available, requires little specialized post-operative care, has a low-risk of post-operative complications, and does not significantly detract from the overall flow and efficiency of the clinic, it will be performed.

Feral cats afflicted with serious injuries for which veterinary care is indicated, and that require involved procedures will be referred to a full-service clinic where facilities are available for proper surgical and follow-up care.

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